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(All in paperback, sewn and wrapped; all with extended Bibliographies and Indices).

A Five Year Plan in the Divine Economy:  The Timing of the Divinely - Ordained Events, 2011, 504 pages, US$28.00. ISBN 978-1-891663-11-6.  This is the sequel to the previous volume of 2010, identifying specific Divinely Ordained Events and their approximate, or exact, timing of occurrence, based on voluminous prophetic evidence at our disposal from a great variety of sources.  The timing of  the Three Days of Darkness is identified and our arguments for such a choice provided in detail.  Besides the two major comets of our proximate future and their activity there are other astral phenomena identified and analyzed as to their significance and specific astrophysical nature.  Furthermore, this study is the only one which predicts a supernova explosion which is destined to occur soon, by identifying the constellation and the sun involved.  This super nova explosion is of the utmost spiritual significance, tied with the career and the person of the Great Monarch.  Also the Mayan Calendar Prophecies are investigated under the light of Christian and non-Christian and Sibylline Oracles  - evidence and their true importance and worth highlighted.  And much more!


 A Five Year Plan in the Divine Economy:  The Nature of the Divinely Ordained Events, 2010, 504 pages, US$28.00.  ISBN 978-1-891663-10-9.  This study establishes the periodic nature of the two enormous comets which are dispatched by God to re-calibrate the tellurian motions and bring about other inexorably needed changes in our system.  They were first analyzed in the Platonic Dialogues.  It also establishes the correct meaning and implications of St. Peter's `8th Noah', and numerous other misinterpretations and mis-translations of Scriptural passages.  What are the implications of the missing words of Our Lord from the Scriptures?  What will happen to individual places named in the study due to the direct effects of the two enormous comets of our proximate future?  Very specific information is provided beginning with the Sibylline Oracles.  And much more!


The Economy of Salvation, Its Work(s) Force and Its Rivals, 2009, 480 pages, US$25.00).  ISBN 978-1-891663-09-3.  After establishing scripturally the only correct meaning of the terms `Divine Economy' a.k.a. the `Economy of Salvation', the study treats the subject of reincarnation in a Christian theological framework and proves that even the words of Our Lord still present in the NT prove that reincarnation was treated matter-of-factly by Him and His Disciples. Also, the Physics and Metaphysics of the Warning Experience, in terms of Electromagnetic disturbances and solar system upheavals are treated to establish the true meaning of the relative prophecies.  Who are the modern day Nicolaitans Our Lord has forewarned us against?  Why the Protestant views of the Rapture need major re-evaluation and re-interpretation in the light of available prophetic evidence, for the benefit of the Protestants, themselves.  And much more.


They'll have no King but Caesar: King Henry of the Cross:  the prophesied royal messiah from the tribe of Judah, 2005, 560 pgs, US$28.00.    ISBN 1-891663-08-9.  If we were to study carefully the Septuagint (Greek Translation of the Old Testament), we would discover that it differs from the Masoretic (Jewish) Old Testament (which appeared later...) in some very vital details.  Based on such discrepancies we can establish that the OT prophets already spoke of two distinct royal messiahs from the House of David.  The book provides prophetic and other information to fully identify the second messiah, always according to Christian Eschatology.

 The book also establishes the internal consistency of all the prophecies regarding the Golden Gate in Jerusalem in its Eschatological significance.  In fact, it is the royal Messiah who will miraculously enter through it in the proximate future, but this royal Messiah that the Jews expect is a champion of Christianity, par excellence.  Also, what should we know about the true origin of those referred to as `Eastern-Jews' in Zionist literature?  These and additional highly relevant issues are treated in depth.  They are not mere suggestions and speculations, they are established proofs, based on rigorous analysis and treatment of a great wealth of data.


When the Days are Shortened, 2002, 400 pgs, US$20.00.  ISBN 1-891663-05-4.   One physical and very real interpretation of the Shortening of the Days for the sake of the Elect, spoken of by Our Lord, is the direct consequence of the Comets of our proximate future.  The extraordinary influences thereof will reverse the earth's rotation and its speed and will force the planet into a new trajectory around the sun, making the year shorter than 365 days.  The relevant prophetic evidence is analyzed in the background of the appropriate astronomical calculations.  A very concrete interpretation of the words of Our Lord in the Apocalypse regarding His Right Hand holding the Seven Stars, is given in its future astronomical dimension.  It further identifies the `Holy Place' where the Abomination of Desolation will stand; and many other Scriptural prophetic references to our proximate future.  Among its wealth of specific information, the study dedicates Part II to a 13th century Greek Saint, who predicted in detail the favorable treatment of German Christians by God in the future, for specific virtues that will be exhibited by them in the coming Tribulation.


Fire from the Skies, Fire from the Heavens: The Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement in Prophecies over the Millennia, 2001, 232 pgs., US$16.00.  ISBN 1-891663-04-6.  This study establishes that the prophecies, referred to in current R.C.C. prophetic literature as the Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement constitute most important events of the End Times, and prophetic references to them in fact have begun with the New Testament and the Book of Revelation, in particular.  The relevant passages are analyzed in detail to provide all necessary links and prove the utmost importance and imminence of these events.  Concerning the Warning and the global geophysical disturbances around that time, the Synoptic Gospels provide the first glimpses of the earthquakes and inundations which will be, in the very words of Our Lord, `as in the times of Noah'.  The book dedicates an entire chapter to a Scandinavian Seer who provided us in the beginning of the 20th century with a very detailed description of all the physical dimensions of the Cometary impacts experience.  This detailed vision reports on all types of catastrophes associated with the mechanics of the electromagnetic pull (including possibly a minor collision with a small object) and what parts of the Globe will be influenced in what particular way.  The evidence provided in this volume suggests the great temporal proximity of these events.


On Gog and Magog:  Past, Present, and Future, 2001, 208 pages, US$14.00.  ISBN 1-891663-03-8.  This is the definitive analysis on the true identity of Gog and Magog throughout History and proves that there are three distinct manifestations of a Gog-type warrior, enemy of God and the people(s) of God.  One belongs to the historical past, the second one is the military leader from Islam ready to irrupt into the historical scene, the third one is the ultimate antichrist-type at a remote future time, before the Final Judgment.  The study proves that the Comet of Chastisement is already referred to in Ezekiel's chaps. 38 and 39.  The historical, linguistic and Scriptural research incorporated in On Gog and Magog... provides a few additional bonuses in the identification of Scriptural geographical loci.  The book proves that Russia should never be mistaken with Gog and Magog.  Those who persist in such a `theological opinion' in the face of overwhelming Scriptural evidence to the contrary, raise all kinds of suspicions as to agendas.


The Great Monarch and WWIII in Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Scriptural Prophecies; 2000, 572 pgs, US$25.00, ISBN 1-891663-01-1.  This volume is the first complete and comprehensive study on this subject that can offer a unique, specific, solution to the identification problem on the identity of the Great Monarch.  The entire body of Greek Prophecies on him, even prior to the Byzantine era, is treated.  This body of evidence is translated, interpreted and analyzed in its entirety in the light of all Roman Catholic prophecies, as well. It establishes the perfect internal consistency between the two major bodies of prophetic evidence on this person and decomposes many myths.  It proves that the Great Monarch is currently present in the world, soon to assume his historical role.  The book also harmonizes the combined prophetic evidence with the available Scriptural evidence (NT) on him in the framework of the specifics of WWIII.  A number of maps provide visual assistance and lead to a greater appreciation of amazing details in prophecies concerning the Great Monarch's whereabouts on the eve of his being crowned Emperor of the Romans and the Greeks.  In summary the book answers specifically and fully the six fundamental questions on his identity and his future activity:  who exactly; why him; wherefrom; how; when; where.


Orthodox Prophecy on the Pontificate of John Paul II and the Third World War: The Oracle of Kremna; 2000, 216 pgs, US$12.00, ISBN 1-891663-00-3.  A 19th century Oracle from Orthodox Serbia is interpreted in detail.  Besides providing prophetic evidence on all major events in Serbian History till the Beginning of the Millennium, the Oracle of Kremna speaks of the importance of Pope John Paul II's role.  The study identifies this Pontiff as the person who was holding back the Rebellion, as per 2 Thessalonians, via a minute linguistic analysis of the NT text.  The study further supports the testimony of several contemporary prophets on the role of John Paul II, emanating from both Orthodox and Roman Catholic sources.  The book also provides specific instructions for the protection of the Elect during the persecution of the Antichrist and even details the type of warfare to be employed in WWIII and which countries will be spared and why.


When Heaven Broke the Seals and Opened the Scrolls; 1998, 467 pgs, US$15.00.  ISBN 0-9639553-7-3.  [LIMITED STOCK]. The Antichrist-System is differentiated from the three Antichrist-persons who will be present in WWIII on the religious, the military, and the political/religious levels.  The number of the Beast of the Revelation is identified and scientifically proven in the case of the Antichrist-System; the current enemies of Christianity and their specific detailed agendas are analyzed; prophecies on the USA, Europe and the rest of the world as they pertain to the End Times and WWIII; the Holy Epistle of Sunday, a forgotten treasure of Christian teaching, is analyzed in detail and its spiritual and prophetic relevance established.


Their Earthshaking News:  When Science and Theology Speak the Same Urgent Language; 1995, 421 pgs, US$20.00.  ISBN 0-9639553-4-9.  VERY LIMITED STOCK.  This volume specializes on the geophysical aftermath of Cometary electromagnetic pulls and fly-bys predicted for the Era of Tribulation.  It contains very specific, geographically detailed, prophetic information of events as they will influence various individual countries and geographic regions.  It begins with the Old Testament and the Sibylline Oracles of Greek Antiquity through medieval prophets, old Western European and Byzantine era prophecies regarding our proximate future.  While most prophecies are global in scope, they provide specific information for individual countries, such as the USA, all of Europe, and various Asiatic lands.  It contains plentiful unique material that appears nowhere else.


The Role of Women in the Church, according to the Scriptures, 2001, 80 pgs, US$6.00.  ISBN 1-891663-02-X.  While Christianity in its entirety is being challenged on the eve of earthshaking events, a virulent attack from within the Churches has been mounted against the evangelizing activities of contemporary females, especially those favored with the prophetic gift.  Allegedly, St. Paul in 1 Corinthians categorically declared that `women ought to remain silent in the Church', namely, at all times and in all places.  This pamphlet is a Christian theological response demolishing the arguments of such detractors and analyses in great detail the evidence in the New Testament, beginning with St. Paul, himself.  The study reaches conclusions diametrically opposed to those advanced by the reactionaries, thanks to the explicit Scriptural evidence at every level.  A historical overview of the contributions of female Christians during the past 2000 years completes the analysis.  This is a most timely study, considering that the Spirit predicts the enhanced dignity and activities of Christian females within the Church in the days ahead, which, however, categorically precludes the Sacerdotal dignity.


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